Kristy Moyer
over 6 months ago

A 40yr old female looking to acquire a CDL, home daily in PA

Hello! I worked as a delivery driver for the past 15yrs. I suddenly got laid-off because my Co. was sold without any warning. I am VERY INTERESTED in getting my CDL (to be home daily, temporarily, since I have school age children, until they become of age)wondering if anyone has any advice, since I don't know where to begin. I am ONE HECK OF A WORKER, with unlimited amounts of stamina and I won't quit until the job is done! I have 2 letters of recommendation from the Employer (1 from the Chairman and 1 from the CEO) who laid me off. I just need some guidance in finding the best paid $ CDL w/being home daily?!

Every response/advice welcome! Thanks everyone!!


Hi Kristy! I am not familiar with the trucking world, myself, but I was able to find these two trucking schools in your area. The first is Sage Truck Driving Schools and the second is Roadmaster Drivers School. I hope this helps you get started on the path to getting your CDL. Best of luck!