I kept a positive attitude at work by

Always putting a smile on my face. I walked in the building with a smile and walked out with a smile knowing that I had did my job to my best. I had respect and other coworkers had respect for me. Vendors would call and I always put 100% to help them or find someone to help them. When I started I was the supervisor 5 full time and 1 part time student. Before I left and after I announced that was going to be the last time to close the books 3 people retired 1 moved to another department and the other stuck it out 3 months till she could retire. In my reviews with my employees I asked what they liked about working here. A lot of the responses was that I put myself even with them and worked like them to make deadlines and always new how to tell them something was wrong but never act better or point fingers at people.

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