Telicia Reed-Williams
over 6 months ago

Finding A Good Job

I'm starting to feel as if going back to school was completely in vain because now that I have a degree and my second one on the way I still can't find a good job.....before I moved to Atlanta I was living in VA. I was able to find a decent job making some money, we'll at least enough to support my family and now I can't find absolutely nothing. It's as if my education meant nothing but I'm constantly telling my children how important it is to get education to get a good job so that they can support their families or even be successful in business. Don't get me wrong it's plenty of jobs here in Atlanta but it's almost as if I have to know someone that knows someone to get a job.....I've been networking and applying everywhere but absolutely nothing still, no one is willing to give a recent graduate a chance because they want you to have experience but my experience is school. How will I gain experience if no one is willing to take a chance?

Ed Lawson

Telicia, what kind of jobs are you applying to? And does your school have any career resources you can reach out to? Try seeing if your school has any special relationships with employers, that could help with finding a job.