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John Sapp
John Sapp 9 mth

Something extremely exciting is about to happen..

I receive emails from jobcase on a daily basis folks just as you do, and what I see is frustration. Frustration from pursuing a fleeting thought of comfort of security. What I Do see is, people with vision. I have a vision, ( stick with me for a moment). I see so many talents and individual super cool badass super powers that if we pool our talents, skills, and dreams, we, together, can create our own job/ work we can all enjoy. My point here is to forget the endless cycle of apply, apply, apply, and no call back.I say we create a company ourselves we all participate in. All of our combined talents can do amazing things. Too many of our inherent skills are being lost in the pursuit of money. when we realize money has just the same energy as a dream our perceptions change.. I do encourage any response to this post whichever way you may choose. now you may dance:


Mariah Bliss

Inspiring post, John! What kind of companies would you be interested in starting?

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Awesome post! And you have an excellent vision.