Last night I found out a favorite relative of mine passed away. But instead of calling into work, I go in with my relative’s obituary. First I’m promised to be given an answer about getting time off by 1130 am. First lie. I don’t get an answer until 20 minutes before my shift is over. An obituary isn’t enough anymore, not even with the name and phone number of the person who runs the funeral home. I now have to have a pamphlet from the funeral. Except I’m unable to go to the funeral for I can’t afford a plane ticket.

To make things even worse, an incredibly creeper customer comes in and even though my wedding ring is an easy spot on my finger, he continually hits on me. While my coworkers find it hilarious, and doing nothing to help me. The last straw was when the customer told me to get on my knees, so he can whip it out. I couldn’t take it anymore and went to management about him. He was escorted out and people were telling me he’ll be banned from coming back. Second lie. He’s allowed to come back for he was given ‘counseling’. Even though when I brought a manager over he threatened to rape me, like he did to another girl and got nine months in prison.

This is the second sexual harassment complaint I’ve gone to management about. But nothing is getting done. I want to put my two weeks in, but my husband and I need to both be working right now, but I’m afraid I get one more nasty customer I’ll lose it and quit.

Do I take my chances and go jobless for awhile, or do I suck it up and stay till I get something else?

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