I was assaulted, then terminated

So, yes, as bad as it sounds, this actually happened.
I was employed a little over a month for a hotel, (privately owned), where the working conditions were not great by any means, but I was getting more than my share of hours so I wasn't gong to complain.
A little insight, I would arrive for my shift 7:30am and work straight through until 7pm most days, no breaks, no days off, no joke.
On top of this, although I had completed all necessary paperwork, i.e. W4, W2, etc. I was being kept off the books. Mind you, I have no problem being paid in cash (TEMPORARILY!), but the owner & manager were being crooked, and not paying me in full for my 80+ weekly hours, and incorrectly (no overtime or time-and-a-half).
The management would basically ignore my requests for a sit down to discuss this matter. Still, I continue to work hard as ever to show my determination and value as an employee.
Now, it is late on a Saturday evening, and I am approached by a fellow coworker, an older Indian man, who barely speaks English. He proceeds to take his hand and drag it slowly across my breasts. I stepped back in shock, and realizing I am completely alone, as everyone else has left for the day hours prior. This man then takes his hand to go in for a second grab, where I promptly slapped it away. Now I'm terrified that what if he becomes violent, and began counting the minutes for him to leave. I quickly closed up and left for the day, and immediately sent a personal message to management. Thinking I would receive a reply right away, it was to my dismay that after 9 days I was left neglected and on my own to protect myself. I was paid 2 more visits of stalking and leering and personal space invaded by this creep.
Upon me finally forcing a meeting with the manager, a woman, I might add, she screamed at me, (refusing to close the door and allowing all other personnel to hear), she berated me, said I was disrespectful, and said I was probably exaggerating, and then threatened to terminate me. She then proceeded to suspend me for 2 days until she decided what to do with me, since I never gave her enough of an opportunity to speak with me about the situation,(NINE DAYS HAD PASSED!!).
To add insult to injury, on the third day she approaches me informing me she had spoke with the handsy offender and he said he was only being friendly. And that because this is now an uncomfortable situation that I am being terminated of employment because I am, and I quote, a red flag.
This happened 2019 in the state of Massachusetts, in the great U.S. of A.
I was treated shamefully, and blamed for unwanted advances.
Oh! They also found it necessary to withhold $700+ from my hard earned pay, and gave me an envelope of only $600.
Shame on me for speaking up, and btw, I was not the only woman he had done this to, he had fondled another young lady, and then attempted to strike another female employee with a closed fist TWICE.

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