The road and faith.

I was cut off and went to the right. There was a ramp but I hit the grass and I jackknifed to the right. I thought I was going to die. Somehow stayed on 18. The cab was almost off of the frame. There was a drop off about 30ft in front of me. I would have ended on a rd. Injuries were minor. I still thank God I didn't hurt anyone. I wasn't charged for anything. There were witnesses. I didn't know if I could get back behind the wheel. After a week I felt like the Lord was telling me to go. I drove 5 more years. I got off the road because I felt like my reflexes weren't as good as they were. If you have faith in yourself and the Lord get behind the wheel and keep on trucking!! I got off the road 4 yrs ago. I am now 71 years old.




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