supervisor is a brown noser

I am a machine operator....i follow all the saftey rules...with that being said machine head sticks sometimes...i called maintainence to fix it right...well they had to come so often that they showed me how to fix it...ok so i have been doing that for over a year supervisor actually came and got me to fix it on a number of occasions...he seen me show others how to fix it....Until 1 night the head guy of saftey come in early on my shift....and yep you guessed it tbe head stuck and i was fixing it when my supervisor comes up and asks me what was i make a long story short i was let go for a saftey violation....smh now during my time there i had perfect attendence...i was a first responder certified in production number were great and i never had any saftey violation or disipline issues! I was a good worker! I made good quality parts ...not 1 times in the million times he seen me do it dif he ever say anything about being a saftey violation not once.. I didnt even know it was bad..we had complained about the head sticking for over a year and notjing got yea cant trust no one at that company!




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