patti rubnich
over 6 months ago

Job Postings

I was wondering, this goes back awhile. On or around May of this year, my job started being dissected. They hired a HR Manager and a Controller. My positions was a Business Manager (which included HR;Payroll and Accounting). Neither of this jobs were posted or was anyone notified. In a meeting we were told that my roll as the HR Manager was being taken over by the new person hired , I wasn't asked if I would like the position or was it posted internally. Then in July, payroll was taken away from my job and in August my position of Business manager was eliminated and moved to the corporate office. I was offered a position of AP Analysis. On September 15th I was let go.During this time no one was given a raise and I didn't even get a performance review. I show that the HR Manager and Controller got a raise, is this legal?

Mariah Bliss

Wow Patti, I'm so sorry that happened to you. I'm not a lawyer, but if you have a question about how your termination was handled, I would definitely get in touch with an employment lawyer. He or she might be able to help you figure out if you have a case. Hope this advice helps!