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Tabitha Wolfe

Updating my resume

I was let go from my last 2 jobs. One just didn't like me after a year and the other let me go after I told them I was pregnant. Neither can I use as a reference but should I put them on my resume? Because of these jobs letting me go I can't seem to find a good company that pays a livable wage. I have an education and job experience. The jobs I've held prior were great jobs that will give me a good reference. How do I move forward?


Daniel Lewis

To tell you the truth know one can get ride of you for being pragnent that's description I take that up with them and try to get your job back. I use your skills you obtained from both jobs and how long you were with them just let them know face to face if they ask about it

Tabitha Wolfe

I went through human rights for being fired after I told them I was pregnant, they won't take me back. But should I put on my resume the jobs and duties that I did? I feel it hurts me in an interview when I tell a potential employer I was let go from my last 2 jobs. They don't even want to hear about the previous jobs that I was at for a long time and have great reference from.

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A fellow Jobcaser

Ms Lewis you're being presumptuous.. Yes some employers will get rid of you undercover for being pregnant. It's a fact. She won't get her job back. Now foward.....Ms. Wolfe we have no idea what you do or what your education is in so help or alternative points would be difficult to offer you. Sorry but you gotta open up just a little more. And be careful with the you should get a lawyer people. They are not lawyers themselves and you'll over play your hand.

Tabitha Wolfe

I've worked in an office from project coordinator, accounting clerk, and office manager. So I can do a lot in an office. But feel that the last 2 jobs hurt me that potential employers don't want to pay what Im worth and everything I can do.

Krystal Yates

I'm a little late to the game here, but I hope I can help. First, don't take those positions off the resume. You don't want a bigger gap than necessary in your job history. Next, think about how you can re-frame how you left the last two positions. For the one that let you go because you were pregnant, just tell them you left because you were pregnant. The other one I don't have enough information to give a good recommendation, but I'm sure they didn't tell you they didn't like you. They must have used other wording. Think about what you can do with that.

Everyone has been fired at some point. Even if you have to say you were fired, get the bitter out before the interview, then talk about how it was a poor fit so you were let go (use let go instead of fired) and that you know it was the right decision and here's what you've learned from it... Often it isn't so much the fact that somebody was fired, but the fact that they are still angry about it that turns hiring managers off.

Focus on getting a job and staying for at least 12 months - then focus on getting more money.