Age Discrimination!!

Their is no doubt that age Discrimination still exits. The only difference is the employer can't revel that he/she isn't hiring you because of your age. My favorite is your over qualified!! To me that means your over the hill(to old) to be of use to the company. The sad part is the Older Workers have the knowledge, wisdom and outstanding work ethic's. When it's time to work we are their, ready to work. You don't see the Older Workers on their cell phones while on the clock!! What Older Workers have to do is sell ourselves! By God, we have the experience to sell ice to an Eskimo!! You don't have to put your age on an employment application, an employer can't ask your age, so look and act YOUNG!! Don't talk about what happened in the 50's, 60's and 70's, talk about current issues When asked about your experience, go in to detail about your accomplishments.Remember, skit the issue in regards to time. Say things like, it happened a few years ago or its something in my past that I learned to do. Take control of the "INTERVIEW" and you will land the "JOB"!!

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