June Adams
5 months ago

The thing about work I wish more people talked about

I really don't have an answer for that.I would like to say that this is my first time working in the healthcare field and I've done market research for the last 20 years and childcare also for the last 10 years and for me to do this is different and I enjoy it I like helping people I enjoy helping people I am a people person I care about people's feelings and I just want people to be happy and comfortable in their own home I want them to be able to trust us so that they are able to go on with their daily routine once we leave them and they'll know that we'll be back again to help them this is a wonderful experience for me I'm glad that I am with Addus home health Care thank you for accepting my application and thank you for the wonderful training that I had to.

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John Huang

Thank you for sharing your story June. It sounds like you have a wonderful and rewarding job! Please keep sharing more of your stories to help inspire everyone in the community!