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Your Day 11 Challenge: Get Your Resume Reviewed

You’ve probably stared at your resume a million times, right?

That’s why today’s challenge is to ask someone on Jobcase to review it for you. Having a pair of fresh eyes can help catch any mistakes and suggest improvements.

Their help could be the key in getting more attention from employers.

Just update your profile and let the community know when it’s ready for review!



Deborah Craft Turner

I love working with the public

Michael CaldwellUsflag

I have posted my resume and would like for you to take a look and see if there are any improvements that I can make.

Thank you


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Hi Mike--

You listed a bunch of good experience! One thought I had while reading it was that it was interesting that you list details about your experience in the Army Reserve, ETL Automtive, and Effingham Truck Sales, but not really for the others. Is there something about those jobs you felt more comfortable providing additional details?

Here's what I'm reading from it - back in your Army Reserve days, you spent a lot of time learning, organizing, instructing, and keeping people on the right path. You also spend your own personal time trying to help others out, given your volunteering experience.

I would do two things: 1) Add a Summary section, focusing on how you've got skills being responsible for important tasks, and how you work hard to enable others to be safe and successful, and 2) highlight experiences in your jobs which back that up.

I think you've got good experiences, I think it will help it if you highlight more details about yourself which makes you special in those roles. Those special differences highlight what motivates you, how you add value to a role, and will help employers see how you can potentially improve their organization.

Hope that helps!

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I have posted my resume and would appreciate anyone's feedback

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Hi John--

Three comments:

1) If you can, I suggest you expand on your existing work experience - are you responsible for certain routes, or certain types of cargo? Are there any tough experiences you handled that you can cite to help demonstrate your work ethic?

2) It looks like you listed work experience after you got your certificate. It's good that you show your education, and how you've used that to further your career, but do you have other experiences before that? Demonstrating that you're also well-rounded in experience can be beneficial to employers, too.

3) You might want to move the hazmat experience up into your Summary as well, to help highlight it. I'm guessing you needed to pass assorted tests and screenings to get it, so moving that up to a more prominent place can help demonstrate that you work hard to get to a level some of your peers might not work at.

Best of luck!

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Thank you Jim for taking time to respond. I will take your advice and make the suggested changes

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I made changes to my resume,that were suggested to me. So,Mr. Gajnak,if your there, your feedback is sought after

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Hi John--

Those are good changes! Adding your work history where it shows you were a business owner helps - it can show employers you have some idea of the challenges they have, and might open you up to other opportunities in a trucking company. And the volunteer experience is also good - not many people can mention that kind of experience and motivation.

Hopefully others who have more experience in trucking can chime in too - but I think you've made some good improvements.