What am I doing wrong?

Hi everyone, just a little rant and advice request.

I am looking for employment in all fields related to my degrees, and I am yet unable to find a job. I have a few months left before my savings run out and end up in the streets. I am a 25 years old Oregonian, have two degrees in Political Science and Russian language. I speak a total of 5 languages, two fluently and three advanced with certifications. I have three and a half years working for the United States Senate in the field and in Washington DC as a fellow, providing policy strategy, and assisting the constituency. In addition, I received two recognitions for my service by a Senior/Ranking U.S. Senator, and his letter of recommendation. I also had the privilege to be invited to the State of the Union in 2018. Politically, I served the people with case work, veteran affairs, and was not associated to any parties. I also served as a wildland firefighter, fighting fires in the west coast. I have no felonies, a good reputation, and good grades. I even have a foreign education certification from a study abroad. I volunteered helping refugees, and immigrants, as well as supported warm meals to veteran homeless on the weekends. I grew up in poverty, working since the age of six to support my ill parents, fought for my education, and helped my community. Ive scrubbed toilets, washed dishes, cleaned houses, and even sold food in the streets. I know what it feels like to be at the bottom, and I know what it feels like to go hungry.. Unfortunately, all my scholarships were unable to cover my entire education, and once my financial aid grace period ends, not even regular jobs will help me pay back what I owe. Just a little scared. Any advice on how to score a appropriately paying job?




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