Discrimination by recruiter

I have a severe speech impediment brought about by a malignant tumor. I can hear fine, but my speech is hard to understand. I use the Indiana Relay anytime I have to speak on the telephone. The Relay works by me typing what I want to say and an operator reading it to the person I am speaking to. I had a recruiter send me no less than three emails and call me three times within a two hour span about a job. When I called using the relay, she hung up on me.

Don't get me wrong, I know the relay system is jarring, but it would appear, as soon as the recruiter (Zolon Tech) realized I have a disability, she (the recruiter) just hung up. I have never had someone be so overt about their unwillingness to present a disabled person.

I sent an email to the recruiter asking why she hung up and of course, have had no reply. Do I contact the company Zolon is recruiting for and tell them or I just take my lumps and move on?

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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