Discrimination by recruiter

I have a severe speech impediment brought about by a malignant tumor. I can hear fine, but my speech is hard to understand. I use the Indiana Relay anytime I have to speak on the telephone. The Relay works by me typing what I want to say and an operator reading it to the person I am speaking to. I had a recruiter send me no less than three emails and call me three times within a two hour span about a job. When I called using the relay, she hung up on me.

Don't get me wrong, I know the relay system is jarring, but it would appear, as soon as the recruiter (Zolon Tech) realized I have a disability, she (the recruiter) just hung up. I have never had someone be so overt about their unwillingness to present a disabled person.

I sent an email to the recruiter asking why she hung up and of course, have had no reply. Do I contact the company Zolon is recruiting for and tell them or I just take my lumps and move on?

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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Anilda Faustino

Hi Ivory, Don’t Take It Personal! I went over to the company website to explore their career page and check for Diversity Recruiting Recognition and Awards and found nothing. I find that very odd for a company founded in the late 90’s reporting multi-million dollar revenue. US Federal government regulates companies this size aggressively. I question this companies ethics and culture based on my brief review so I’m not surprised by the recruiters reaction to “bail out” of a call she isn’t nor the company are prepared to manage in order to avoid a lawsuit.

I also took a brief look at your resume. Now that’s impressive! You’ve held down some big roles at well established companies. Another great job opportunity is out there for you but just be careful with who you enter into a hiring process with. Research companies that contact you and make sure they have solid diversity hiring practice and provide a supportive workplace culture.

Write a review about your experience on Glassdoor if you feel you want to share or warn other job seekers before they apply then don’t give it another thought. It’s their loss!