Carol Dean
over 6 months ago

About half way through my school year I got pregnant with my daughter & I already had my son who was 2 years old at the time. I didn't have a car so I had to rely on others for a ride to school. Finding a ride was no problem & nobody minded giving me rides everyday but it really bothered me to have to ask for rides, especially after I got pregnant as I was emotional. Anyway due to being tired all the time, having morning sickness from being pregnant & no car of my own, I decided I was going to quit. So I went into my teacher's office to tell her I was going to quit & to tell my friends bye. After I told her in her little office, which was in the classroom; she stood up from her desk & shut the door. She asked me , "How many times are you going to start over?" I just looked at her quietly. She then told me that she thought I'd regret it & proceeded to tell me how smart & good I was in school. She convinced me to not quit & so I stayed in school. Out of 17 students only 5 graduated with an "Outstanding Achievement Award" & I was one if them. I have been working ever since due to her encouragement. She changed my life & I'll never forget it. I'm very thankful to this day for her.

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