Hope for the Hopeless

A 3 time Loser after finally getting out of prison. I had no skills or trade to apply to the work force. I applied for a TWIC card and was eventually granted one after waiting 11 months. I was determined to succeed and not return to pettling drugs. An old customer concedentially was a offshore Sandblasting/Painter Superintendent. He gave me a chance and I displayed my determination in my work ethics.First job I worked their were four 20 plus year veterans.They were mean and very impatient with me all accept one whom taught me the ropes. I then was making 13 dollars an hour in 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico. Now those same 4 painters are now working for me in Alaska on the pipeline as well as the Superintendent that gave my the chance intially. I hired and gave all 5 this opportunity. Im the Boss now! Humbly, I took our craft to the next level with the expectation to eventually become a Corrosion Engineer. Remember I have 3 convictions and all odds were against me and now for the last four years I've made well over 6 figures. With determination you can do anything. #hopeforthehopeless




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