Jeffrey Brown
over 6 months ago

Nursing Home

I am terrified of being out on the streets! This is all due to Medicare’s refusal to pay for long-term nursing home care and Medicaid insistence that all assets must be liquidated before it pays a dime! It has always been hard for me to find a job! I have had to depend financially for my Mom during her time with Alzheimer's while she grew increasingly dependent on me otherwise! Now she is having to go from short-term rehabilitation (for wandering across the house and them falling and breaking her wrist) to a long-term assisted living or memory-care facility. I am now in the job market after being completely out of it for four years taking care of her. I have always been overweight , but the stress from taking care of her has caused me to balloon up weight-wise and I now can fit into any of my clothes due to the stress and the bad eating (taking her out at night to alleviate her sundowning episodes at night). Now, no one seems to care! They say there are plenty of jobs, but stores are closing left and right!

I am looking for full-time work as a warehouse worker, retail warehouse or sales clerk, outbound or inbound customer service representative, or as an activity aide in a nursing home or long-term care facility. I have plenty of gaps in my employment history, but I do have (not recent) experience in retail, customer service as well as experience as a substitute teacher. Although I have not worked in over four years, I am back in job hunt and need a job NOW!

Excellent -- but Mom is going into a nursing home and I (while I have been taking care of her have been financially dependent on her). Now it looks like the funds from her savings and her pension are running out and she will have to liquidate all assets to qualify for Medicaid! So I must get a full-time (or two part-time) jobs NOW!