Do I deserve another chance?

I was fired from my job of 3 years for falling asleep. I care for my disabled husband after he broke his neck a year ago. Having had a particularly rough night caring for him, I got about 3 hours sleep. The office was very quiet that day and I had completed my work. After being allowed to complete my day, I went home. When I went to work the next morning, I was immediately sent home without pay. It took them 2 weeks to officially fire me. My unemployment was denied. My former employers didn't even mention the fact that I was always early, that I often went out of my way to do company business, was proficient in my responsibilities, and we'll liked by clients. Now, I can't seem to find a job anywhere. I feel like they have black balled me and are giving negative responses to perspective employers. As hard as I tried to appease my supervisor, nothing was good enough. What do you think?

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