I need advise

Hi i am an assistant manager right now but this past few weeks i feel my manager is not communicating with me about some decisions he had made at work. I feel he is not aware that i am his right hand side on anything related to work.. Few days ago i close the store with a few crew leaders and 2 regular employees well he jump me and comand the crew leader to be in charge of the shift. He knew that if he is not working i am in charge. Thats an assistant manager job. Well i was pissed but i haven't talked to him and confront him about what is really going on. The thing is that yesterday they called me for a position at a hospital... Which i think is a good start since i really want to be an EMT. But i dont know what to decide. I had move few hrs from home to be in this position as an assistant manager but i feel they not giving me my place. What can i do?

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