My Hiatus + Lifestyle Changes

Hello Jobcasers…

Long time no interaction. It’s been a while since I’ve been in the community, and I wanted to share a (minor) status update with those of you that were kind enough to not only wonder but worry or ask about me. I am currently going through major lifestyle changes which has taken my focus away from Jobcase for the time being. This has been long overdue but also something that needs to happen at this point and time in my life as a result of improving my overall lifestyle.

I’m working on changing my present so that I’m not affected by what the future could hold or present me with. This includes the unexpected. And like anything else, this takes time. Time to focus, time to improve, time to grow, time to invest, time to embrace and adapt to the many overwhelming changes. Time to take time. Adulting is never easy. It isn’t meant to be but it’s all about you first recognizing that something either should or needs to change and then working to actually change it. No excuses. The work is in the effort and there is beauty in that effort. Nothing worth having comes easy in life, but if you’re determined and focused on seeing it through then it’s all worth it in the end.

Bella, Cisco and I are okay but I’ve been away from my animals and it’s the hardest. I feel naked without them around but they are safe and well cared for during my absence, and that’s what’s important. We will be together again in due time. I’ve been extremely busy overseeing many things that need my attention. And for those of you that have contacted (or contact) me via Jobcase message or personal email, know that my responses will typically be returned but might also be delayed. I will eventually share the what, when, where, why, and who’s later, which I strongly believe that others within the community could learn from my experience(s). More importantly, I think this could help others that feel they need that push, that encouragement, that voice of reason to want to make changes for self and life improvement.

I am working on a lot, both personally and professionally, but I will return to Jobcase once the dust has settled.

Au Revoir.

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