Steve Taylor

I am reaching out to you today as I have taken a temporary position just to get a cash flow going. I drive 32.5 miles one way for a$400.00 per week job. I am used to earning 6 figures and it seems that my field is basically closed out. I have also gone through all of my funds. I have been doing business development in the collection industry for 30 years or more. I do however ask what is the definition of business development? In my life it is relationship building. I have run out of money and now I am reduced to this. I am willing to travel 75% of the time and/or relocate for the right position. Is there anyone that can help me. Perhaps a hungry headhunter? My resume is posted here and online at My LinkedIn profile is here: I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

almost 6 years ago
Brian Shultz

Whats up steve? Have you used the jobs page here on Jobcase? Just go to the top and click the jobs/companies thing then you can search for jobs wherever you'd like.