Brandy Dotson

Im looking for a job , fast food , home health care , it doesnt really matter.. i just need help finding a job because i am a convicted felon but it was 5 years ago. I have 2 children and 1 on the way. Im really in need of a job , ive worked fast food, ive managed a store before , ive even done home health care. Ive done all of these jobs being a convicted felon but here lately its been really tough to find some work. I stay in Fredericksburg VA so if anyone knows of any places that do hire felons around here , PLEASE HELP ! Thank you all , and I wish us all the best !!! We are HUMAN and we make MISTAKES that we have to pay for , we shouldnt have to do it over and over again.. If its not a job its housing and so much more that we get stopped from. Its not fair at all ! Good Luck Everyone!!

over 6 years ago
Stacee Hughes

I feel the same way, its so hard but a lot of companies are federally bonded for us ex cons. So it should be easier for usto get a job. My # is 609-437-1733 if u wanna get together and get something going we a job. I am very skilled and experienced and applied in line to about50 jobs already!!! Help me, help you... Frustrated as hell!! Stacey

Alyssa Heiner

Hi Brandy, Welcome to Jobcase! I did a quick search in your area for general jobs. You can check them out here and apply for any you might be interested in.

I hope this helps!