Are my fears valid?

So, I was requested to interview for a customer service vacancy, which will allow me to work remotely. I would love to be able to work primarily from home, so of course I I was thinking, this is the opportunity that I've been hoping will come my way. The interview wasn't face to face nor over the phone. Rather, the interviewer conducted it all through Google Hang Outs. I found it a bit strange. Nevertheless she hired me and required all my personal info through Hangouts also and that her secretary would be needing it to create my file. I requested that she give me her secretary's name and phone number and that I would connect with her with my info. She said no. She didn't offer another option to me and our communication ceased. Did I just blow a fantastic opportunity with benefits over fear? Or, was it wise to suspect the possibility of foul play. In the last year, I've been robbed 2x, hacked another, lost 2 cars, Just financed one by the skin of my teeth and now it needs a new transmission. In addition I dont do social media well. I'm completely dumb when it comes to communication through social media. I feel embarrassed about it, but it is the truth. I dont want to live constantly feeling as though any opportunity is a scam. I was once an upbeat and optimistic. Now... paranoid pessimist and I hate it. Can anyone relate or validate, or help?

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