Allison Moore

Seven months ago I talked to my administrator about bringing my new puppy to work with me since other employees also bring there's. He said it was alright as long as he says back of the building where the break room is. Went good for a couple weeks when he decided he didnt want the dog to be there and put the puppy in another room without me knowing. Where there was no electricity heat or a.c. the maintenance man agreed and got permission from the administrator that it was ok for pup to be in his office in the basement. No prob. Until last week administrator said I couldnt dog with me anymore. Even with all shots up to date. Almost potty trained. The only time the dog is out of that office is to take him out to the bathroom. My dog is the only one that cant be in the building. I don't know if this is a personal thing that admin got against me or what.

about 5 years ago
Anthony Harrington

Hi Allison:

It sounds like the puppy may be requiring too much attention compared to older dogs. That coupled with the fact that it is not yet housebroken may be causing issues with it relieving itself in the building.

It should not be the responsibility of other staff to monitor your dog, nor should the dog be left in conditions that are unhealthy for it. It sounds like the best thing for now is to wait until it matures and can be brought to work without being disruptive or requiring so much attention.

Your company allowing dogs in the office is a perk (A super cool one at that!) but most places require the dogs be of a certain age, be housebroken, and the dog cant be a distraction.

Talk to you boss and find out under what conditions your dog will be welcomed back. I am sure there is a legitimate reason for them not wanting your puppy at the office.