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Maria Montana

Returning to the classroom

Seeking some feedback as to how to put together a killer resume and cover letter to re-enter the teaching profession after being absent from the classroom for more than 15 years. It seems a daunting task to pull together all of the other employment and life experiences had during that time. How do I bring it back to teaching to illustrate or demonstrate success and make it relevant to the desired position. It seems the easier task has been accruing all of the necessary state and local credentials, letters of reference, and certifications. I believe I can be an effective and inspirational educator and just want to stand out enough to get an interview and a chance.

I realize the landscape for resumes has changed, and my idea of formatting would surely date me and expose my inadequacies relative to technology and graphics. I seem to also have issues with being succinct and to the point. I think I would struggle to get it all on one page.

Thank you for your consideration.


Linda Ponce

Maybe you can add your resume to your Jobcase profile so any members can help you.

Victoria Bryan

Use a website called resume hero it helps u and give insight what u should put down