The system is broken.

I was recently sent on an interview that I had sent my resume in for after carefully considering all the job details and qualifications. I received a call from an HR representative stating that they liked my qualifications and wanted to set up an interview with person X & Y followed by a interview with hiring manager Z. HR then called me back and stated that hiring manager Z was out of town that week and there would need to be a follow interview with Z. This was fine since it is completely local to me I figured I was in the queue. I went on the interview with X & Y and they were explaining the job position to me and it was not at all what I expected, but I was talking about my experiences and matching them as best I could to the details they were mentioning about the position, at the end of the interview I asked a few questions that X & Y did not have an answer to and seemed a bit confused, then X said I will let hiring manager Z know that you are here and ready for that interview. I told X that I was scheduled for sometime next week to meet with hiring manager Z. They thanked me for coming in and walked me to the door and all the way home I was thinking about the interview and how I came away not knowing anything on the job and thought that I was so unprepared I was really blaming myself. I was to call their HR person shortly after the interview and it was a brief call as far as discussion goes it did not go into any detail and I again inquired about the follow up interview with hiring manager Z, and I did not mention that X was going to send Z into the room afterwards because I was told by the HR rep that Z was not available this week. I sent a thank you letter for the interview back to the HR rep to forward to X & Y and would make myself available for a scheduled interview with hiring manager Z. I was about to reach out to the HR rep because it had been a few days into the next week and I thought for sure I would have heard something, when I called the HR rep, I was informed that unfortunately they were going with another candidate and thanked me for my time. The next morning I received an automated email from their recruiting department saying basically the same thing...although we were impressed by your qualifications we unfortunately decided to go with another candidate for job 1234 ????. Well it became clear right then, that I did not apply for job 1234 ???? and that the HR rep had sent me on the wrong interview. I thought I was going insane and really was missing the key points of the job description. Now I was thinking I would send an email to the HR rep explaining this, but I am unsure if I want to mention that as it may come off as a mistake they do not want to admit to. I think it was a bit funny after all, but I believe they may think it was unprofessional and I would not be achieving anything by pointing out their mistake.




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