5 Tips To Enjoying The Holidays While Unemployed.

Hello, hope this message finds you in good spirits. Sometimes it is difficult to enjoy life when you are unemployed, especially during the holiday season and more specifically when your funds are low.

Not proud to say it but I've been unemployed during the holidays more than once, and as a parent, this can bring about pain and stress that hurts to our core. During a period of time where I was out of work for over 9 months the holidays almost turned me into the grinch. To help you avoid stress and continue to strive forward with great energy and momentum I’d like to share 5 tips to enjoy the holidays while unemployed.

Stay Active And Finish The Year Strong -
This time of year it is common to throw the towel in for the year with the idea you’ll pick things back up after the new year. This is a bad idea because it stops positive momentum, and delays your results. We all know finding a job can take time and if you are just starting in January it could be mid-first quarter before something lands. If you stay actively seeking work now, you can start the year with momentum and possibly get work sooner. Companies that really need to hire don’t stop during the holidays and there is also a host of companies looking for seasonal work. When anyone asks about your progress you can feel good saying you are on it daily versus saying “sure I’m employed but I’m taking a break from getting results”
Keep up the good fight!

Focus on Gratitude -
To avoid becoming a grinch like I almost did it's helpful to write, yes actually write a gratitude list. Write down all the things you are grateful for. This helps build the universal energy that attracts other good things into your life and also highlights how much you have in your life even though you aren’t working. By writing, give thanks to any people, situations, circumstances or things you have. Remember that you were born with nothing so anything in your life now is a blessing. If you are feeling bold light up someone's day by telling them why you are thankful or why you appreciate them.

Don’t Be Entitled, Don’t Feel Worthless -
If you aren’t aware you can break this guideline easily and become the Don or Debbie downer of the season. If you are in a situation in which you can’t afford something don’t sit quietly expecting all to know you aren’t working and volunteer to take care of your needs. It can be uncomfortable but stating you can’t swing something is the adult high path. Most importantly if someone says “hey, don’t worry bout it, I got you” put your ego to the side, be the good receiver of blessings, be gracious and accept. Try not to go into a dark hole by hiding, not participating in events and feeling like only the employed version of you has value. You just being you is valuable to your loved ones, and you being a happy you is a blessing to the world.

Find Ways To Contribute -
Although you may not be able to contribute financially during this time of year there is a lot of entertainment, cooking, cleaning and organizing to be done. As long as you don’t try too hard you can add great value to others and ease the tension of everyone by taking on the off-task that nobody is excited to do. Plus if you volunteer first you won’t feel taken advantage of if someone says “hey why don’t you help with this since you aren’t contributing financially. Don’t overdo it though, low esteem can cause you to morph into the family butler which won’t feel good.

Create Low-Cost Traditions. You don’t have to spend a dime to organize and set up the card game. The family football event is fun for all. Start new traditions that break the model of consumerism. Understand this time of the year is about family and loved ones. I’m sure you remember something positive about the holidays as a child that looking back was very low cost or didn’t cost anything. This is a lesson we should all learn before we are forced via life circumstances to observe. Teach your kids about giving back and all the ways to enhance life and family during the season that don't require money.

I understand where you are, from personal experience my friends. I send all the encouragement and energetic support I can offer. The plan above is not for the weak or for those married to negativity and excuses. I encourage you to be courageous. Don’t let life beat you down mentally any longer, think about being the Hero Of Your Story as if your life was a book. Don’t cower or hide in shame. When this passes you’ll admire the strength you had before the results came, that's what faith is. However, the blessing yielded from faith are only for the bold.

This is my challenge to you, if you plan on taking the bold route please comment and let us all know that you will live the path of “No matter my situation, my light will shine!”

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