Fredric Quinn
over 6 months ago

What job Recovery? Live in Alexandria Va. and graphic design work is scarce

Left the Ashburn region because truly creative graphic design jobs are too few and too far between so I took an opportunity to travel East to within spitting distance of Wash.D.C. and find the same old same old.Too many just graduating graphic art students of cut & paste jockey's crafting digital collages demonstrating mediocre talent cluttering what passes for creative graphic design. Is Wash.D.C. a creativity killer or what?

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Mik Vance

Hey Fredric,

Welcome to Jobcase. Good to see you have an eyer for talent. These graphic designers you speak of, do they work with you like at your company?

sanjit saha

Hi Fredric sounds as if you are old school. And there is a resurgence for people with that kind of talent especially in illustration and typography. Ok so I do Digital work and yes you are right it is full of cut and paste jockey's but heres the twist you cant do brand using cut and paste, you can't create icons using the same method and above all you cant do illustration that way so maybe that could be an option....... also I find there is a calling for chalkboard art which is a market thats growing would that appeal to you? I'm sure you use adobe products but give sketch a go and see if you can master UI and UX design also and I'll see you on the field someday old chap

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