Mary Blecher
over 6 months ago

Job search

Okay can someone please help me, i'm looking for a Job in Norfolk, Va. I don't want to travel out of Norfolk at this moment if its necessary then maybe okay but right now i need one in this area. It can be a cashier, office, Medical Assistant, medical administration, Sales Rep, Temp. I need a job ASAP!!!!

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Esther Pascal

Hi Mary: Thanks for posting on Jobcase! Here's a couple of medical administration jobs near your area. If you would to continue your job search, double-click the Jobs and Companies button at the top of the page and enter the company you're looking for and location. Click on the blue search button to see everyone who's hiring. If you see anything that looks interesting, just click the job title and follow the instructions to apply. For temp jobs, look in to the company Robert Half.

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