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over 1 year ago


I got into a heated argument with a coworker last week that ended up in a fist fight. We started arguing in the parking lot after he cut me off to get a better parking spot before starting the shift. I'm usually a pretty level headed easy going guy so it takes a lot to wind me up but I was already having a bad day. I eventually managed to shrug it off, found another parking spot, and went into work. He just wouldn’t let it go and got more verbally offensive as the day went on so I finally told him we could step outside during lunch and figure it out. We met in the parking lot of a small strip mall in front of the company and had it out. I wouldn't even call it a fight because we ended up throwing more words around than actual fists. It was over as quick as it started and I went back to work but wasn’t allowed to punch back in. The manager told me I was suspended until further notice. That happened a few days ago but I still haven’t heard anything back the manager or HR dept. I've been with the same company for over 2 years and would hate to get fired for making such a stupid mistake. Can they fire me for fighting during my lunch time and off company property?

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