Shannon Jackson
about 1 year ago

The biggest mistake I made as a #Shiftmanager at #Arby's ...

Wasting 5 years of my time trying to help employess better themselves an work myself to death to help out people that didnt even care they were more consered about ruining peoples reputation an lying to make them selfs look better because they were jealous or had hatered againest others for things they couldnt do so they would run to the manger an spread lies when they were worse then anyone there but nothing was ever done only the good people would suffer for it like i onlys told them i busted my butt to get were i was an you can also do the same am no different then you what i get paid more an have a different uniform that doesnt make me any better all is equal

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Matt Bornhorst

I'm sorry to hear that Shannon Jackson - managing employees who don't want your help or to do better can be super stressful, and I totally can see how that would've been a bad work experience.

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