6 months later, finally got an offer.

I wanted to post this message here to offer encouragement to individuals who are struggling to find a job especially for those that relocated to the US...
I relocated to the US a year ago and started actively looking for a job six months ago once I got all my employment papers sorted. I have a Masters in Social Work (MSW) in my home country, and when I started applying for social work positions over here, I had no issues getting called in for interviews. Unfortunately, I kept getting turned down during interviews because I wasn't officially licensed in the US to practice as a LCSW. It was very discouraging for me because I practically had to accept that I have to start from scratch until I sort out my professional license to practice in the US as a LCSW. I made the initial mistake of continuing to use my MSW resume to apply for jobs outside of the Social Work field but after submitting 100+ resumes, I didn't get a single call back. I took my husband's advise and completely revamped my resume. I took off my MSW credential, took off my clinical and research experience and created a resume that wasn't too focused on Social Work and a resume that wouldn't make me look overqualified for jobs I was applying for. This was done in November and amazingly, I started to get call backs for interviews with my revamped resume. Two months after I did this, I got an offer from a great healthcare organization where I could get my foot in the door until I get my Clinical License and apply for jobs within that organization once I have my clinical license. This is to encourage someone out there to keep trying, not to give up and have faith that everything will turn out alright. If you need to revamp your resume, and start afresh, no matter how difficult that might be, do what you have to do. Don't give up.

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