I am losing my commitment

It's been 3 months since my back up took a leave of absence to pursue her license and they informed that they will hire for an intern to take over her job, since then my supervisor had started to see my mistakes, petty mistakes that make him yell in front of everyone. I never had any escalation that puts the team in a bad situation. Everyday i feel like i never did something right for him. I know he doesn't mean it and that's his way of educating and supervising his people but i am starting to lose my self-esteem and commitment. I am traumatize by just seeing him every morning he arrives and praying for a day without interaction with him. I know i am not great and i believe every process are meant to be learned slowly. I am wondering what is wrong with me provided that this isn't my first job and i am in good terms with my previous leaders until today. Should i stay or not?

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