Polish up your resume!

Writing a resume can be intimidating, but you probably have more experience than you think, and you’ll be able to fill up that page in no time.

Many organizations rely on Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to screen candidates and filter resumes. This is good for recruiters, but can be a hurdle for job seekers. I recommend watching this video on how to get your resume past applicant tracking systems.

Follow this guide for tips on how to write a resume that will make you stand out and help you get hired.

Start with your contact information – this is the first thing employers want (and need) to see. Include your name, email address, phone number. Put this at the very top of the page, and make it big and bold.

Next, the education section is simply the name of your school (high school and/or college) and years of attendance (i.e. 2015–2019). Include any academic honors or accomplishments in bullet points underneath the respective school where these events took place.

For work experience, list the job name, the period of employment (month/year format) and a few bullet points underneath with brief summaries of your duties and responsibilities. Nothing too wordy here – just enough to convey a sense of your experience and capabilities. Include any and all positions you’ve had. Not much formal work experience? Not a problem. Include jobs like home childcare, dog walking, snow shoveling, or house sitting. Experience is experience, no matter how you slice it.

Get creative with the remaining sections and use them to drive home the case you’re trying to make for your hireability. You can include a “volunteering” section, a “relevant coursework” section, “extracurriculars,” or even a section where you (briefly) lay out your professional goals and aspirations. Perhaps you’re fluent in a foreign language, extremely skilled in software or programming, or possess CPR and lifeguarding certifications...add all that in, too! Just make sure to keep it organized and use the same formatting and design as in previous sections.

Want a simple and easy way to have a polished resume? Fill out your Jobcase profile and then export it as a PDF!!

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