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Efrain Lopez
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Pipe Welder at Fisher Construction

Well I was hired as a maitainence guy and mechanic 3 months last week I got in an argument with the boss son because I would not do something he wanted me to. I had been work almost 2 months without a day off so on Saturday I didn't go but I talked to my boss and agreed that Sunday I would go in. Sunday morning he tries to drug test me says you are one of my drivers i refuse he gets mad and tells me you on drugs I say not I'm refusing because I on drugs I just never sign any policy where you can test. So he fires me . I tell him that in order for him to test anyone u have to hame them sign a policy when u hire them the u have to give a written warning saying they will be tested. What should I do.

over 5 years ago
Daniel Lister
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Dishwasher at Kings Rosemont

As a general rule, if asked to do a drug screen, I do it...for two reasons:

  1. I know it'll come up negative because I don't do drugs; hell, I even avoid poppyseed hotdog buns!

  2. If the person requesting it is some smarmy jackass/Boss's Son type, I do it so I can rub their nose in it without saying a word. One previous Boss-Baby, jealous of the way people gravitated towards me because of my artwork, decided that the stuff I drew (octopi on rollerskates, deer juggling, surfing elephants) was evidence that I was heavily dependent upon he loudly (& in front of the coworkers who despised him) demanded that I submit to a drug test, smirking a shit-eating grin. The grin disappeared, however, when the results were read; then that grin found its way to MY face!

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