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Hello everyone. I assume some members of this group are freelance or self-employed resume writers. With that being said, I am curious what method(s) you use to get payments from clients. I've been using PayPal exclusively; however, they recently created a MAJOR problem for me and all I'll say is I will not use them anymore. I know there are a variety of other apps to send/receive payments, but so far the ones I've looked at don't have any kind of buyer/seller protection. I'm worried my clients are going to have a problem with any method if there is no way for them to receive a refund if I were just to take their money and do nothing. Of course, I'd never do such a thing but when dealing with clients remotely, who only have my word to go on, I can foresee some problems. So, I am wondering how other people accept (Or if you've hired a professional resume writer, how did you pay?), payments. Please keep in mind, I am a sole proprietor, not a firm. Thanks so much for your help.

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