Just when we feel the world has no more use for us because our age has finally caught up to us. Then we begin to feel frustrated, and that we are being treated unfairly. Prospective employers don't seem to want to hire us not even give us a chance. Its become apparent they think we are to old, but you know within yourself, and with every fiber of your being that you are still extremely viable. What exactly should we Seniors do that are not exactly ready to settle for retirement, or become inactive within the work force.

Could these feelings be based more on our belief system. we will produce and see evidence of whatever one believes. This doesn't mean that the work force at large doesn't tend to see people as obsolete, and treat them as last years clothing, but exactly what should one do?

Now with being a senior myself, and through trial by error have come to believe we can create whatever it is we want. I say this because we all have our gifts intact, and we have developed into being extremely skilled at our crafts. But we are allowing others to exercise power over us, which is really just an illusion. For the only Power anyone has over another is the Power in which you have given them. Our gifts and blessing do not come from Man by something far Greater, and can't be taken away.

Would it be so wrong with you creating a self employment environment for yourself? Instead of seeking some form of control that someone else decides rather or not you are worthy of.

Could you not possibly see yourself as a Consultant, or even starting a training program to teach others what you know. I myself have recently taken on a career in Real Estate as a Wholesaler that doesn't require a license or much of any money, and I am a proud 64 year young women. However, I choose not to compete with younger people, but to soar ahead for the roads I have traveled needs not to be revisited and redone in order for me to be comfortable.


I actually choose not to back track even if I could. We are the true pioneers not back sliders, and all that has been accomplished today in lieu of the liberties obtained for this generation would not exist if it hadn't been for the Baby Boomers.

But if the Universe worked differently and it was mandated to go back and do again, there possibly would have been a lot I would have done differently. This statement is being said to only mean that I would have loved to have had this disposition sooner.

But of course, that is my feelings on the subject matter, personally I get more joy by reinventing myself whenever I want to or even feel I need to. Could you maybe even take something you enjoy doing, and have only under taken to date as a hobby, and turn it into an occupation for yourself. Creating a feeling of fulfillment that just possibly you could have never gotten working for others.

We need not try and control the decisions of others, but take our own ability to make choices which is within all, and make it what we want it to be. Today is the start of a New Beginning, Not the End!





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