The worst way to get fired

I was having a hard time where I was working. I thought I was doing good. All the days and weeks I was working. Till one day I found out that I was only working one day a week. I didn't understand. I asked my Manager and he told me that everyone's hours were being cut. The Ass. manager told me something completely different every day at work they told me to tap into my inner brother. I did not like the idea of them comparing me to my brother. I tried to live up to my brother, but every time I did that would say "YOUR BROTHER DID A BETTER JOB!" I was getting more upset by the min. I would bottle it up and hide in a shell. I would be very quiet. I called in one day and ask what day I was working. They told me I was one on the schedule. I asked to talk to my Ass. Manager. She texted me a few days later. I told her everything that was going on. She texted me "I'm letting you go" I was shocked. I could not shed a tear. My brother the one I was living in his shadow said that it was not professional for her to fire me over a text. I can not even step foot into my old job without my stomach turning. But I think I got fewer hours due to a girl that didn't like me. I was getting harassed sexually and another way.

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