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Judith Taylor
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Shift Manager at Aldi

So I get a job offer from Spectrum. So excited to go through the process. Had to go online fill out all the paperwork all is well. Then I get sent out to do drug testing. I have no worries because I do not do drugs. However when the drug test results came back, I became very concerned and extremely clueless of what was happening. They claim that my drug test came back positive for cocaine.

Now here's my situation several months I went to the emergency room they said I have a bone spur in my right hip. They injected pain medicine there at the hospital at the time and then gave me prescription of pain medicine to go home with. This drug test was done this past week and I have stopped taking my medicine several weeks back. My question is how did they get cocaine for my drug test when I've never even had cocaine in my life. Now I was told that doctors use cocaine for certain procedures in which I have not undergo any other procedures that he named. Me being very honest I'm explaining with a sense of hope of retesting. They claim I have to pay $150 if I'm going to contest the results. However they're going to use the same specimen. Has anyone else ever had a problem with this situation befor? Because I know I do not do drugs and I really feel like I'm being railroaded. I really feel like there is a falsified test because I also do not go to clubs I do not go out to social parties. I'm more of a homebody that takes care of my family. Please help

over 6 years ago
Stacy Saunders
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Server at Luigis

Do you take any other medications?? There are meds that can cause false positives for diff drugs (I know Any that pop for cocaine though but it's worth checking). I'm actually waiting for my background check with them but bc it's not complete my start date has been postponed for 2weeks. I want this job so bad, but I can't go much longer without an income. I also have no idea what they are looking for, or what would disqualify me from the position. Hope you get it straight hun! Unfortunately since most will deny using when they fail, businesses don't believe a candidate when they say it was a mistake. Those who are telling the truth for those who lie about it.