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over 1 year ago

Get “Raise-Worthy” Attention

I have been working at local small business for a little over a year. The company has 30 outdoor salespeople that occasionally come into the office to meet with clients and 4 office employees including me, the owner, an office manager, and an IT guy. I was originally hired to do light office administration work like answer phones, greet customers, make copies, and set up meeting rooms, etc. but the business has been growing and new sales support responsibilities have been added to my job which I’ve been able to take on and manage with no problems so far. I work a regular 40 hours a week and get paid $10 per hour which is a little over this state’s minimum wage of $8.75 per hour. I looked up the national average for administrative assistant salaries on glassdoor and noticed my current pay is way under the $33K national average. Everyone at work, including the manager, tells me that I’m doing a good job and I feel confident about my responsibilities although I haven’t had a formal employee review yet. I asked the manager about a performance review in Nov and she told me that’s not something they do unless a salesman isn’t meeting their sales goals. It’s a good job a and I like the people I work with but I can’t go on too much longer on the current pay. How can I ask for a raise without setting off a red flag?

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