Did I make the right decision

Recently, got a temp job making 11.00. The hours for first shift wete from 6:30 am to 3:pm. Mon thru Sat full time. I usually do clerical, but since Im on the bus, nothing for clerical work was in my area. The job I got was for factory work, which I have not done over 20 yrs. The first two days were ok. I did a lot of box lifting and moving box crates to stack the boxes. By the third day. I could not get out of my bed, neither could I walk. It felt like a steel metal was stuck in.the lower part of my back. Although I was in alot of pain, I still decided to go to work. But when I tried to lift my feet to get off the bus steps to walk towards the job, a severe pain shot through my back. To make a long story short, never made it to the job site. I immediately turned around andf got on the next bus and headed home. I did contact the temp service to let them know that I would not be returning to the job due to severe back pain. I left a message, but I never heard back from the company. It took me abouty three days, and several hot baths to at least be able to walk again without feeling that severe pain. I still have bills do next month. But I felt my health comes first! Im still looking for work, but I just feel when it comes to health issues, it's better ti be safe then sorry.




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