mark dryden
8 months ago

I found my job at #Monessenhearth by doing...

I was hired as a carver, to replace the carver that left the company. My job:. To carve the logs that were going to be molded and used in gas and propane fireplace systems. I used ceramic blocks and ceramic cauking to produce realistic models, We also would incorporate actual logs , modifing them to fit our needs. I then voluntered to help out the mold shop I learned the molding process for ceramic logs, and refractory logs. Also making foam in place packaging molds and vacuum form panel molds as well as sculpting log sets. I also would make multipal hand carved sets of our prototype logs for trade shows. During my tenure, Monessen Hearth bought Martin Industries, and then Vermont Castings. In 2014 The business was purchased by HHT , Hearth and Home Technologies, to obtain our vent free technology and patents. HHT Closed one of the vermont castings plants down within a year of buying the businesses & had no intentions of keeping the Paris Ky plant open, and started laying off employees in 2015 , and offering to let employees move to other states to work for HHT. I had no interest in HHT as an employer.

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John Huang

Mark I had no idea the craftsmanship that went into log carving. Thank you for shedding light into the work that you did. I'm sorry to hear that you had to leave your company and I hope you were able to land some place else with those great skills that you have

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