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Janice Ling

Warning about Job Scam and possible money laundering attempt

I have been applying for jobs now for over a year or more and have read enough alerts to recognize the scam that was attempted on me. I feel like I need to pass the information on so that you will not become a victim. I will try to keep this as short as possible: I received an email to my yahoo account that told me that my resume had been reviewed for a position that I applied for on a particular job board. I was directed to my Google account and told to utilize the Circles function to add Raymond J Rood , hiring specialist for Philip Morris International. All communications took place in the circles messenger with Ray. (He joined the circle group with a personal gmail account bypassing any contact with Philip Morris, itself. Because it would take many pages to list everything that did and did not happen...just know that if someone wants to send you paperwork by email for you to sign, including a W-4 (they get your SSN that way) and promise you a paychecK for a large amount of money that you are to use to purchase supplies and materials, beware. The suppliers that you are supposed to purchase from is kept secret until after you deposit the check-and then turn out to be a means to launder the money you received. Not legitimate suppliers-$ goes back to the scam. Shortly thereafter the bank discovers that the check is not good and YOU are stuck with the bank loss. After I did my homework and confronted Mr Rood this morning with what I found out...I never heard back from him. (I kept all correspondence and emails from Philip Morris International and Philip Morris USA.) I don't know if he was fast enough to cancel the check delivery that is due tomorrow, but if it comes to my door-it will go the local law enforcement fraud unit.


Ask Emily !

Janice, thank you for the warning! You are absolutely right, and I'm so glad you weren't taken for a ride and didn't lose any money on this scam. Also I'm really glad to hear you'll deliver that check to the local law enforcement! You're doing all the right things. Thanks for helping out our community!

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Thank you for the warning....

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I just went through the entire process myself and it felt fishy. Thank you for the post because it was the same process. I was dealing with a Robert Blake.

Janice Ling

When I was researching, I googled the name that the weasel gave me and a home town that he mentioned during one of our conversations. I found that he was using the information from a recent obituary of a very successful man. However, the deceased was in his 80's and weasel 's stolen linked in information showed him to be in his 30's. Y'all be careful out there!

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Yes I did received the same info and did more research too. It is a scam and plan to take the check to the local police.
Whats so bad about this there was a number of miss spelled words in the forms as well.
I even contact ZipRecruiters is were I received Ray Rood email and it appears they are not aware of this and will research the information I sent.
Thank you for your Help.

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I just had the same thing happen to me! I knew something wasn't right so, I googled Philip Morris scams and ended up here. Guess he will get a piece of my mind in the morning, as he expects me to be at my computer at 8am. Or, maybe I should wait and take the check to the local police!

Hally Riddle

I was contacted by a person from that company and I completed an online hiring interview. I thought this could be a scam. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, this has saved me a lot of aggravation.