Discover a freshly updated Jobcase feature!

So you’ve already discovered Jobcase’s amazing community, but have you really explored all we have to offer? Jobcase has a wealth of useful features, including one we’ve been improving just for members like you.

The new Jobcase Resume is still as painless to use as it ever was. Just one click can transform your Jobcase profile into a fully formatted resume in just a few seconds. Send your new resume to employers, just like that!

To make your resume that much more enticing to potential employers, we’ve updated this feature with some new graphics and the ability to preview your resume before generating it. You can click on the “My Profile” button to preview your new, beautiful, fully-formatted resume right now.

Give it a shot and send us your feedback in a comment below!

We can’t wait to bring more new and improved tools to you. Stay tuned for more about Jobcase’s Resume or click #JobcaseInsider to see all of the posts in this series in one spot!





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