My advice to people interested in working at #AlabamaDepartmentofCorrections as a #CorrectionalOfficer ...

I would say that working as a CO, was exciting. Each day was different. You never knew what to expect. That's why you have to have you guards up at all time. Take nothing for granted when interacting with inmates and staff. Keep your personal life just that, personal. Otherwise, don't get upset when your business is out. DO NOT DATE WITHIN THE DEPARTMENT (STAFF NOR INMATE)
If you are employed as an officer, be serious about what you are doing. Read and comprehend your rules and regulation, treat everybody (including inmates) with respect. Believe me, that will go a looooong way . Be firm but fair with inmates. You can't be mean and dirty, that gets you nowhere fast.
Young people, please listen to your veteran staff. You can learn a lot. But you got to listen. Not all staff members are positive, pair yourself with someone that's about their job and do what you are there for. You will be fine. There's lots of drugs and cell phones behind those prison walls. Don't get caught up. Be careful, be safe.

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