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My husband works for a aerospace company and has been there a year. In March I developed sepsis and almost died. My hubs went to his company and sat down with HR and his boss on two separate occasions and filled them in on what was going on. At this time he was told to take independent care days off in order for him to be with me at the hospital and to take me to medical appointments. He asked if documentation was need and was told no. He was also told this time off wouldn’t be used against him. Fast forward 3 months later and he is called into HR and told if he takes off any more days that are not vacation days he will be written up and will not be able to attend school! I don’t get how they can say one thing and another day say the opposite. It was HR who told him to take independent care and it wasn’t going to used against him. Every day he was/is off there’s a doctors note that can be turned in to HR. Has this happened to anyone? What did you do ?

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Lois Martin

Lynette Elkins It sounds like his supervisors have been more than generous in allowing him time off, but apparently his absenteeism is affecting productivity -- and probably morale among his co-workers. Are you now able to drive? Or do you have friends who could take you to appointments? Rather than questioning the actions of HR, he needs to focus on good attendance and re-earning the confidence of his managers and co-workers. Sounds like a wonderful job he doesn't want to lose.

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