Gabriel Woofter
over 6 months ago

Im very interested in your open manager trainee position.

Cover letter and resume:

To whom it may concern,

Hello, my name is Gabriel and I'm very interested in the offered position. I have 10 plus years experience regarding the job qualifications and I also meet the requirements needed to be an asset, as well as an excellent fit for the position.

I'd like to say at the top of this letter; by the time I'm finished writing regarding my fit for this position, I feel a sense of excitement and an urge/passion to get involved. Only as an employee but as professional who truly has a passion for what this position entails. Not to mention, a well groomed mindset to participate in the execution of, and guidance of many of the financial institutions which is another professional aspect of my references and proven track record.

I've lived in The Anderson Area for many years now and am actually a former member of The Greenville Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Rotary, and Chamber in Anderson SC. I've owned my own consulting, marketing, and public relations firm for over 4 years now. My employees and I have worked with many types of business. From food and beverage services, many retail chains, warehouse suppliers to political campaigning and new business marketing, pr, and others. I've done monetary revenue placement mainly with many different non profit organizations and other small businesses we've trained our sales, marketing, and many other responsibilities. Some include but are not limited to management, and fundraising for many different corporations and non profit entities, as well as my own 501 3c status. Basically managing the charitable donations through statistical management, and metric based revenue analysis. I would like to say thank you for your time and interest to whom this message is being reviewed. And I hope we may meet sometime during the interview process. I'm going to leave a website of my résumé that I've made. Here is the link:

Since the link is new I'm not sure if the actual link will need to be copied and pasted into your web url searchbar. If I've done my web building job correctly, one click is all it should take. I put this part in my cover letter to show and prove my familiarity not only In computer usage, but also to show one of my many edges as a veteran Sales/Marketing professional.

Times are changing. Competition is fierce. In order to maintain total success this calls for your company sales mandates/core principals, as well as the implementation and use of the many other trainable techniqus I posses, which I look forward to sharing with those that I would be working with and learning from you, the ins and out of the Mattress sales profession.

I do use computer techniques as well as a wide array of other sales techniques and tools. Such as, offering choices/solutions, creating urgency, setting the stage early,sweetening the pot, and teaching a wide range of rebuttals. Of course also pushing the prime objectives/notions to the sales team, customer satisfaction, positivity, and "Always Be Closing."

That is just a fraction of the extensive list of sales/marketing techniques I've learned to utilize over my many years of trial and error. In order to manage existing relationships while always promoting our goals for the addition and growth with unlimited impact, I'm very willing to incorporate your company standards,beliefs, and/or model along with my own management style to maintain a strong image of leadership to manage the accounts with growing success. I will promote an image of positivity among our inside staff relations, push for the same in order to produce success through sustained growth by sales execution, sticking to a detailed business plan, while implementing relationship management with all existing and new accounts through all staff on the outside. I believe a good account manager is only as good as the example I'm able to promote to our entire organization, no matter what the objectives. From the workers, to the sales associates, account developers, managers, and all others involved.

As you can tell I'm very passionate about my work and really enjoy the prospect of getting out there and making our shared core objectives a reality. On top of my diversity in the sales and management knowledge, I've been using analyzation of metrics not only for profit and loss budgeting, but also to maintain many aspects for a complete understanding of each department directly involved with the management of the accounts. Logistics, technical operations, warehouse production, and inventory management among others. Analysis can provide, without question a full picture of gains and losses in all areas. I've also used this technique successfully in other positions and many contracts within my own firm.

With working with regional account developers, establishing new customer relations, while empowering and strengthening existing customers and employees, it should become clear on what's needed to promote, which tools to best help, and how to manage our customers wether face to face or other wise. I strongly believe with the proper approach towards already existing accounts and the promotion of new business and store marketing, we can not only improve quality expectations, but also interior collaborations among all facets of our operations, as well as maximizing revenue through effective high sales standards. I would also promote the use of cross marketing tecniques to ensure the success of the internal sales/marketing Ideology. I believe that by having my fresh outside perspective with readiness, strong work ethics, and a go get em mentality, there is ample opportunity for us to work together at whichever positions my skills can be used for. My objective will be maintaining growth and market share, as well as customer satisfaction. Not to forget my skill towards employee progress in a management setting. Wether production, account, or sales/marketing management I have the knowledge and skills needed if this may be one of the main job requirements. I look forward to learning your ways mixed with my ways to synergistically lead the drive towards profitability of volume and to maximize employee production for the ultimate goal of a smooth running operation. Again my résumé website is:

Thank you so much for your time and patience with me and this cover letter. Also, for your convenience on my résumé website; after you've seen all my information you can still find more by going to the "contact me" section and clicking on the round LinkedIn Logo Button. This will take you directly to my LinkedIn Account and show the actual amount of my all job history, endorsements, references and by whom.

I wish you a great day with all your hard work and I thank you again for considering me for this culminating position. For which the experience and requirements I do possess and which are very similar to my consulting firm, as well as my other jobs that I have learned a great deal from and have come to revere. It has been a pleasure to share this cover letter with you. I thank you for this offer to possibly get on the prowl using my drive and passion towards a profession/ career I've given all my years too.


Gabriel Woofter.

Alyssa Heiner

Hi Gabriel, You can actually apply for this job by going to the company page here on Jobcase! Just click on their name in you post, then click the "Apply" tab. You will see the available jobs and just need to click on the one you are interested in to apply. Don't forget to give them a call 1-2 days after submitting your application to make sure they got it. Here is their number I found: (864) 224-1757 Good luck!