Knew here and glad I came....

I'll start saying that I was unemployed just about 1 month or so ago, it was rough, wife pregnant and a baby on the way... I had no job during Christmas and had to put it all up on my wife been pregnant, at the time I applied to countless companies during the month of December only to be told that because of Christmas, people was leaving on PTO and or vacation,.. Fine I'll wait I said. 3 companies told me that right after Christmas I would be called to get the assessment test to match my capabilities accordingly to the companies, I waited the entire month of December, my wife delivered on December 27th and I was jobless. Patients was the name of the game, I counted on the 3 companies that told me they would call me after Christmas. right about now is January 20th, still waiting for those companies that promised me they would call... I guess this me saying to everyone out there who feels like no one wants to hire you, you are not alone...! So I waited till mid December. and I decided that I was not gonna wait any longer with a baby on the way, I had to take action, So I did. I applied to an old company I used to work for and end up in good terms with them and they took me back. What I'm trying to say here... is don't give up, do whatever you have to do to get that job whichever job it is you are into, don't wait for empty promises from companies that promise you the best benefits because they might be the ones who have the worst higher managers( Keep in mind I said might). My old company is little but they took me back and glad I came back, it feels like home... If I found a home so you should too.. explore every possibility and go for it, patients, resilience, faith and no losing hope is what's needed to change your career path... Happy Monday everyone...!

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