I love my Job so much!!! I think the Warehouse Club members enjoy it also!

I am such a positive person, trueful and I try to soft sell any item I am doing Demo's for. I work for a Warehouse Club as a vendor a Event Specialist ( sales person that gives out free samples of not just food items! )We are so busy I work full out and my family wonders why I am not 100% until Wednesday I usually work 3 days in a row and weekends the most busy days! I am glad I was at a very busy Super Store for the same Sales & Marketing Company! Last year I worked both the Super Store & the Warehouse Club the same one I am hired for now! I had to write in a book where I was going each day to make sure I was at the correct store! I am 11 year Cancer Survivor Stage 4 Non - Hodgkin's Lymphoma a blood cancer. Stage 4 is the worst stage! I did not smoke either! I should have eaten less sugar! No one in my family except me had that cancer! I am a Blessed Person to be living at all , A walking Miracle!!! I think God keep getting me this type of Job! So I can get paid for being a Radial Giver! I can get God name in it also. I try to let the customers say God or Jesus first so I can keep my job! I have a great mindset if having a bad Day Any Really Bad Day is Better than A bad Cancer Battle like I had! I am here, I almost died 7+ times in 2006! Let me know if you like your present job or any job you ever had! I am lucky I love every job I ever had since I been working from 1981 - present. My best one was I worked free I was a stay at home mom 1995- 2012. You of course can be a stay at home mom best non paying job ever!!! Let me know how being more positive person has help your job life and or your home life! i do really care about human beings in general! Love Mary Ellen!

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